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Research is the key to securing an investment property: the location, local supply and demand, potential return and capital growth opportunities.
Apartment Living
More people are renting today than ever before, mostly because of the millennial generation, or Generation Y. This group of people includes anyone born between 1980 and 2000, and they’re an ideal target audience for your rental property. They love the freedom and flexibility that come with renting rather than buying.
Young couple looking for rental property
Spending time and money creating a property that attracts the right tenants is one of the best investments a landlord can make.
Tenants receiving keys to property
The rental bond is an amount of money paid by a tenant as a form of security for the landlord against any breaches of the tenancy agreement.
Rental property bond
It can take some time to make the move from renting to owning your dream home.
Couple buying a new property
A number of property managers experience tenants installing unlawful gas cooktops. For tenants they may be cheaper to run, however for property managers they are not only unsafe but also non-compliant. Let us explain why.
Unlawful cooktops
New Zealand is a nation of pet owners with more than 60 per cent of New Zealand households owning a pet, which makes for plenty of tenants looking for a home for themselves and their furry family members.
Pets and Tenancy
June signals the arrival of winter. While homeowners might be checking to see if their heaters and fireplaces are in working order, there are many other things to make sure the colder months are bearable.
Winter window

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