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Tenants are allowed to have parties, gatherings, dinner parties, cocktails in fact any kind of social gathering they like.
Tenants and Parties
Meth Contamination. Tenancy of unsuitable properties. Osaki - Liability of careless damage. The RTA Amendment Bill has passed it’s First Reading, meaning the Residential Tenancies Act is likely to change.
RTA 3 big issues
August is not generally considered one of the more delightful months in the calendar year. It’s getting closer to spring, but in most cases not close enough to leave the winter influences behind.
Apartment Sales
Recently the Inland Revenue established the Property Compliance Division and secured resourcing from the Government to carry out more auditing than ever before.
Polished floors are common place in New Zealand. In fact many of the big, bold villas that were built in NZ from 1880-WW1 invariably feature polished floors.
Damaging polished floors
Insulation grants are being extended to low-income homeowners – which should prompt investors to get in quick before the scheme ends.
TPS (Tenancy Practice Service) recommend landlords ensure their rental properties are well heated and ventilated. Warm and healthy rental properties help tenants avoid illnesses and make them more likely to stay longer.
Warm dry home
Research is the key to securing an investment property: the location, local supply and demand, potential return and capital growth opportunities.
Apartment Living

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