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Open homes are an important way to catch the eye of potential buyers and invite them to fall in love with your property. Here are 10 top tips to ensure your home makes the right kind of first impression with house hunters.
LJ Hooker Open Home Welcome Mat
Have you ever been given this advice, ‘Hold on to the first property you buy’; or been told that ‘The smartest property investor is the investor that never sells’?
Property Investment
Investing in a property at your favourite holiday destination is an attractive option for many investors during the summer holiday months. It’s important to remember, however, that for the investment to perform well it needs to be managed correctly.
Holiday Home
When I sell my investment property, how do I go about getting my tenant to show it off at its best?
Investment property for sale
Have you ever heard a landlord say ‘It doesn’t matter to me if my investment property doesn’t make me any money’? It is unlikely!
Return on investment
LJ Hooker has outlined five major themes which will be influential in the property market in 2017.
Path of 2017
Good landscaping will give extra appeal but it may also add to the value of your home.
Watch your garden grow
Welcome to the New Year. As we travel through 2017, our team can advise you on what questions to ask, as well as answering any about your next property move.
House checklist

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