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Accurate record keeping for your rental properties is essential for any landlord.
Filing Cabinet
Frequently asked questions investors should know the answer to.
Frequently asked questions
When you’re buying an investment property, it’s easy to get caught out by talk of hot spots and purchase in an area that has already peaked in price, meaning you don’t get the best possible returns on your money.
Bustling City Street
Are you looking to take advantage of the current market conditions and expand your investment portfolio? Here are four essential questions to ask real estate agents at open inspections.
Questions to ask in your search for an investment
Much the same as the share market, the property market moves through cycles.
Houses trending upwards
Your best investment opportunity might not be right on your doorstep, yet travelling inter-island to inspect a property will eat away at your savings. So, is buying sight unseen a wise decision?
Cartoon drawing of residential houses
If you have the space and the budget, adding a garage or carport on to your property can be a great way to increase its value.
Direct property investments continue to deliver the most stable returns to investors over the long term and therefore remain an excellent way for New Zealanders to plan for a stable future.

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