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Managing a rental property to your benefit, along with making sure the tenant's needs are met, is a difficult balancing act.
Tenant Landlord Relationship
If you have just filed your tax documents for your investment property, make use of the recent experience and discussions with your accountant to plan for the next financial period.
Less Tax
What to ask a landlord before renting a house is very important to ensure that you stay there happy for a long time. We tell you the main questions to ask that form a checklist to look for when renting a house.
Statistics suggest Landlords are not increasing rents unrealistically. While there was a flurry of activity at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, the past five months have seen only small increases in weekly rents.
Sometimes there are conversations that can be difficult and its human nature to try and avoid them but in doing so you may be creating more damage. An item that needs to be discussed within a rental home - Smoke alarms!
Smoking alarm
I have good tenants in my rental property. Do I still need a property manager?
When I sell my investment property, how do I go about getting my tenant to show it off at its best?
Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith announced “changes to the delivery of key tenancy services are set to streamline and speed up processes for landlords and tenants.

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